Direct Donation

Direct Donation
You can make a donation to support us through the following methods:

1) Crossed cheque payable to “The Society for AIDS Care Ltd.” *

2) Deposit to our
– BEA account: 015-228-10-400465-6
– HSBC account: 096-158233-838

3) *

5) PPS : Merchant Code: 6325 Merchant Name: The Society for AIDS Care

6) Present the donation barcode before to any Circle K*/U Select/ U Select Food or VanGo convenient stores in HK when making a cash or EPS donation to SAC. Please complete below donation form and send us along with the receipt for our records.

*Cash donation to charity merchants shall not exceed HK$5,000 per transaction. 

Tax-deductible receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above.

*If you would like a tax-deductible receipt, please send us the Donation Form along with your donation receipt or cheque.
P.O. Box No. 78978, Mongkok Post Office, Kowloon
(852) 2521 7668

#Tax-deductible receipt will be issued by Electronic Bill and Payment (EBPP) Service system.

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Monthly Donation

Face-to-face Monthly Donor Recruitment Program

The program aims to recruit donors from the public to support charity on regular and fixed basis through street promotion to ensure stable income for charities to carry out their respective missions.

This fundraising approach began in Austria in 1995, first carried out by Greenpeace. Because of its high efficiency, many European countries, including United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Czech Republic, also adopted the scheme. Later, it became popular in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and many Asian countries, while Hong Kong is the first in Asia utilizing the scheme. Today, thousands of fundraisers dedicate their efforts toward the same goal around the world.

Why SAC adopt Face-to-face Monthly Donor Recruitment Program?
Although we have received government funding from the AIDS Trust Fund, the funding is easily affected by government policies and is limited to specific services, constraining us from expanding our scope of services to help more people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and the public.

- Advantages for Monthly Donation Program -

Stable Income
Compared to flag selling and other one-off fundraising activities, monthly donation program enables the public to support us through donating a fixed amount of money every month. Monthly donors usually understand and recognize the mission and vision of the organization; therefore, they are more likely to establish a long-term relationship to support our sustainable development.

Financial Independence
If we solely rely on government sponsorship, in case of policy changes or redistribution of government resources, we may have no options but degrade of our services. If the worst comes to worst, we may even have to suspend our services. Corporate sponsorships are also vulnerable to economic situation and we lack the power in securing the amount of sponsorship.

On the contrast, monthly donation, supported by the public, is less dependent on economic condition and independent from commercial or political factors. Therefore we can allocate and utilize the resources effectively.

Minimizing Costs
Unless being international or well-known charities, it is hard to cover the costs of large-scale fundraising events and advertisements and get a good outcome. Face-to-face monthly donation recruitment helps lower the cost in fundraising, as well as provide a better outcome.

Saving for a Rainy Day
Neither one-time donation, corporate sponsorship nor government funding can guarantee a long-term operation of an organization. Some corporate and government funding schemes require charities to spend the donation within a certain time frame, making it difficult to accumulate funds for critical circumstances. Monthly donation can act as monthly savings so that we could save for a rainy day and plan for future program.

Organization Monitoring
Fundraisers introduce us to the public face-to-face and answer questions regarding our services, the donation usage and balance between costs and income. We will issue newsletters, annual reports and event invitations to donors. They can also learn about what we do through workshops, volunteering, our website and Facebook page, providing valuable opinions as friends and overseers.

Public Education
Only a small fraction of people would research on HIV/AIDS, while there is still discrimination and stigma against PLHIV, and misconception about HIV/AIDS in our community. Majority of PLHIV are unwilling to disclose their HIV status, even not their closest ones. Thus, many people are unaware of HIV/AIDS and take little awareness. Fundraisers can help to raise public awareness on HIV/AIDS by providing accurate information on HIV/AIDS and eliminate discrimination, igniting hope for those who are fighting this severe illness alone.

F2F Monthly Giving Alliance

We have formed “F2F Monthly Giving Alliance” together with other 20 local charitable organizations to maintain and improve professional standards, transparency of face-to-face monthly donor recruitment and as a result promote public understanding on the program so that they can make decisions in becoming a monthly donor for the organization.

Members of the Alliance have to comply with a professional Code of Practice, which covers eight areas, including the definitions of F2F monthly donor recruitment, the basic beliefs of the member charitable organizations towards monthly donor recruitment, the requirements of charitable organizations that practice monthly donor recruitment, information disclosure, the professional requirements, training and supervision, identification and remunerative package of donor recruiters.
More about the Alliance

Monthly Donation

Other than Face-to-face Monthly Donor Recruitment, you can also join our monthly donation program by filling out the Donation Form and send it back to us.

P.O. Box No. 78978, Mongkok Post Office, Kowloon
(852) 2521 7668

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Other Fundraising Ideas

In addition to donation programs, you can organize events for your friends, family or at your work place to raise funds for us, for instance, a birthday party, a social gathering, a rummage sale or a charity movie screening. Your donation could help us sustaining our direct care services for people living with HIV/AIDS and their care-givers.

Please download the form here and submit it to our Fundraising and Communications Manager.

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Sunshine Volunteer Workshop

To strengthen the understanding of HIV/AIDS and our direct care services, “Sunshine Volunteer” workshop is held regularly for our supporters and the public. After the training sessions, participants can join our volunteer activities to introduce our organization and promote HIV/AIDS understanding to the public.

Click here to Online Registration Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How SAC support HIV/AIDS patients? What kinds of service SAC provide?
A: We provide center-based services on care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, including drug supervision, therapeutic counseling, psychological support, physiotherapy, physical training, peers support, public education and volunteers training, etc. We also provide unique care service in the intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission which has successfully minimized the risk of HIV infection in babies.

Q: Why SAC organize fundraising events?
A: We receive only 20% of our funding from government; it is in decreasing amount each year as the government wishes our direct patient programs to be self-sustainable. This is a very difficult task to achieve as most of the patients under care are already very deprived and with ill health, it will not be possible to charge them for our services. In recent years, we have been more active in introducing SAC to the public so that they will be able to understand more on our unique services. Most of the time, our donors get to know us through our public fund raising events and our direct street donor program.

Q: How do you get in touch with HIV/AIDS patients?
A: All of our cases are referrals from hospitals. We serve mostly for patients who are critically ill, the very old and those who do not have family support. Pregnant woman with HIV/AIDS is one of our priority areas because we can start our mother-to-child transmission prevention intervention program straight away; successful intervention program will minimize the risk of baby born being HIV positive.

Q: How can I know if my donation is properly used?
A: We published annual financial reports for our donors and the public. As a donor, you will receive our e-newsletter every month and printed newsletter twice a year to enlighten you on how your donation is used and our latest development.

Q: Can I cancel my monthly donation at anytime?
A: Yes, if you would like to stop your monthly donation, please contact our office at (852) 3622 1293 or via email at

Q. How long does it take to cancel my monthly donation?
A: Normally, it takes around 30 days to do the cancellation.

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Become a Volunteer

SAC organizes diverse forms of activities each year. With the great help from volunteers, we deliver the message of anti-discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), enabling PLHIV to seek help without fear of discrimination. Your support is indispensable in raising HIV/AIDS awareness in the society, stopping the pandemic and therefore building a future of zero infection for the next generation. We invite you to become our volunteer to support PLHIV and our work. Join us by:

1. Online Registration Form below, Registration Form or

2. Download the Registration Form and send it back to us via email at or fax to (852) 2521 7668.

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