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Rice dumpling making

We had a rice dumplings making session with Morgan Stanley volunteers at The Society for AIDS Care Day Center to welcome the Tuen Ng Festival on 24 May. Our HIV/AIDS patient members and Morgan Stanley volunteers gave efforts and helped each other during the session; finally they made 400 rice dumplings just within a few hours. They had the tasteful dumplings together and appreciated so much for their cooperation. The rice dumplings made were also given to other patient members to share the delicious festive food.

"Rest in Peace" Talk

As sponsored by Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, ‘From Death to Life – Life Ambassador Project’ has been launched from January 2019 with a series talks, workshops and visits for our members to learn more about hospice and funeral services, preparing their own plans as well as consolidating the importance and good moments in their lives. On 11 May, SAC nurses shared the experiences on support and care for members during terminal stage in their lives including the companionship with members to live through with dignity and bereavement support for care givers. Participants realized the importance of well prepare for death related issues and actively asked questions about various handling matters in the talk.

Birthday Party (April to June)

SAC Centre celebrating member’s birthday between April and June on 11 May. The members were so excited to participate in the event games and sent blessings to the birthday stars in the party. The party was a good time for members to meet up. Everyone enjoyed the snacks prepared by the center, talked and laughed, and had a beautiful weekend.

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